Chapter One: Memory and Time

  • Point of View

  • Unconventional Narratives

  • Why is the book so “short and jumbled and jangled”?

    • Nothing Intelligible to Say about a Massacre


Chapter Two: Irony, Motif, Symbol, and Theme

  • “Unstuck in time”

  • Billy Pilgrim as Symbol

  • Billy Pilgrim as Hero

  • Billy vs. Weary

  • “So it goes”


Chapter Three: Human Dignity

  • The Serenity Prayer

  • Billy’s Life

  • “human beings”

  • “three things you can’t change”


Chapter Four: Human Agency

  • “nestled like a spoon”

  •  "the message of the movie shown backwards"

  • “Why me?”

  • Billy’s “artificial habitat”

  • “orange and black"

  • “a dog barked”

  • “blue and ivory”

  • “trapped in amber”

  • "free will"


Chapter Five: Acceptance

  • Tralfamadorian Time

  • Tralfamadorian Novels

  • The Image of War vs. The Reality of War

  • Billy vs. Eliot Rosewater

  • Who is Kilgore Trout?

  • Why does science fiction appeal to Billy and Rosewater?

  • The Gospel from Outer Space

  • Billy on Earth vs. Billy on Tralfamadore

  • What do the Tralfamadorians do with unpleasant moments?

  • “Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt”

  • "Um"


Chapter Six

  • “Listen”

  • The “sweetest thing” in life

  • February 13th, 1976

  • Billy’s Mission

  • Oz

  • “That was I”

  • Schlachthof Fünf


Chapter Seven

  • What are the "true things"?


Chapter Eight

  • “There are almost no characters in this story”

  • Fate vs. Free Will

  • Vonnegut vs. Trout

  • Barbershop Quartets

  • “Tell me a story”

  • Valencia vs. Montana


Chapter Nine

  • Irony of Valencia’s Death

  • “quit and surrender and apologize and ask to be left alone”

  • “I could carve a better man out of a banana.”

  • President Truman’s Irony

  • “It had to be done.”

  • What really became of Montana Wildhack?”

  • Billy cried only once in the war: Why?

  • The Serenity Prayer


Chapter Ten

  • “poo-tee-weet"




Last Will & Testament



Read: Chapter 10

Summary Discussion






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Lecture: Morrison & The Bluest Eye

Study Guide: Claudia and Frieda

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